"One of the best coffeeshops in America." (Time Magazine, 2015) "Number 11 in our survey of the 50 best college coffee shops in America." (complex.com, 2012) "Madison's best local coffeeshop." (The Daily Cardinal, 2014 & 2015) "There are so many reasons to love Indie Coffee." (The Capital Times, 2012) "The baristas are all latte artists and are expertly trained." (The Daily Cardinal, 2012) "Of all the coffeeshops I've been to, there's something I just like about Indie Coffee. It's not pretentious, it's not cookie-cutter, and it doesn't wear its quirks on its sleeve." (The Isthmus, 2007) "Good for indie overtones; a menu that transcends the mainstream." (The Onion, 2008) "A forum for independent music and film, Indie has a reputation among artists for its relaxed atmosphere and intimate setting." (Madison Magazine, 2007) "A waffle wonderland." (Wisconsin State Journal, 2009) "Go there." (GQ, 2014) "Try their waffles!" (Wake Up with Al Roker, 2015) "A friendly staff and great coffee...sure to become your new favorite coffee shop." (The Badger Herald, 2017)