Coffee for the masses.

Rent a pot of coffee for your next meeting or shindig. We have 3 sizes, so
mix and match to get to the number of servings you need. At no charge, we provide cups, cream, sugar, sweeteners, stir sticks and napkins. Just let us know if you need them.

Our earth-friendly approach is to provide reusable pots, so you'll need to return them within 24 hours after you pick them up. Your credit card payment serves as a deposit. We will charge your card hefty replacement and handling fees if the equipment is not returned. But we've never had to charge anyone yet!

Here's the deal.

75-cup pot: $84.95
12-cup pot: $14.95 + tax.
10-cup pot: $12.95 + tax.
Optional round-trip delivery/pickup: $10.00.

Note: Free delivery is available with regular orders. At least 3 advance orders with a minimum of $25 must be booked and paid for to receive free delivery.

Pay at pickup, or we can email you an online invoice, which you can pay at your desk!

Call in your order to: 259-9621.

For larger orders, feel free to email us:

Call in your order to: 259-9621.

Above: A 10-cup pot, a creamer carafe, assorted sweeteners and cups.