House Favorites

Classic malted Belgian waffle.
Choose buttermilk, multigrain or chocolate.
Served with powdered sugar, syrup and butter.

Red + white waffle.
A classic topped with house-made strawberry sauce + homemade whipped cream.

Grasshopper waffle.
A classic with walnuts baked in. Tell your kids they're bugs.

Cranberry walnut waffle.
Yogi's favorite: a classic with cranberries and walnuts baked in.

Chocolate chocolate chip waffle.
Enough said.

The works waffle.
A classic with baked in walnuts and topped with chocolate chips, vanilla whipped cream and house-made strawberry sauce.

Build Your Own

Start with a base waffle.
Choose buttermilk, multigrain or chocolate

Bake-in ingredients
Dried cranberries

(can also be added to house favorites)

House-made strawberry sauce
House-made whipped cream
Chocolate chips
Ghirardelli chocolate sauce
Ghirardelli caramel sauce
Organic plain yogurt
Peanut butter
Strawberry jam

To-go orders: 259-9621.


House Favorites

Honey fig + goat cheese sandwich. (V)
Critics' favorite! Our secret goat cheese spread, a thick layer of fig and a touch of spinach, all toasty and melty on house-baked raisin bread.

Ham + havarti.
A Scandinavian treat. Market ham, creamy Danish havarti, mayo and Dijon mustard on toasted thick pumpernickel.

On a Bagel

Fancy grilled cheese bagel. (V)
Not one, not two, but three cheeses melt into deliciousness. Toasted NY sun-dried tomato bagel, cream cheese, goat cheese, tomato, olive oil and basil topped with melted provolone.

Marathon bagel. (V)
Toasted NY whole wheat bagel, Danish havarti cheese, roasted red pepper and spinach. So healthy you'll feel like running a marathon!

Egg double cheese bagel. (V)
Omelet, cream cheese, and cheddar on the NY bagel of your choice.

Greenbush bagel sandwich.
Toasted NY everything bagel, cream cheese, oregano, tomato, olive oil and market ham. A salute to our neighborhood!

Bacon, egg and cheddar bagel.
Ah, bacon! On the NY bagel of your choice.

On Focaccia

Pesto omelet focaccia. (V)
One of Madison's favorite veggie breakfast sandwiches (Madison Magazine). Omelet, pine nut pesto, creamy goat cheese and roasted red pepper on a warm, crusty focaccia.

Green eggs and ham focaccia.
Omelet, pine nut pesto, market ham, and provolone on a warm herbed focaccia. You will like it here or there, you will like it anywhere!

Salami focaccia.
A huge seller and Indie fave for 12 years! This meaty panini is filled with hard salami, provolone, red onion, spinach, mayo and a hint of rosemary on a warm, crusty focaccia.

Cheesy focaccia melt. (V)
A brilliant trio of yellow (roasted pepper), red (tomato), and green (spinach), atop basil-herbed cream cheese and provolone on a warm, herbed focaccia. A cheesy melty veggie treat.

Chicken focaccia.
All natural Wisconsin chicken breast, goat cheese, spinach, basil and mayo on an herbed focaccia.

In a Wrap

Mediterranean veggie wrap. (V)
So very light! Spinach, fire-roasted red and green pepper, caramelized onion, tomato, black olives, feta cheese, olive oil, oregano and crushed black pepper. (vegan available)

Chicken cheddar ranch wrap.
Natural Wisconsin chicken breast, cheddar, spinach, tomato, creamy ranch and cracked black pepper.

For Kids of All Ages

Classic grilled cheese. (V)
Loads of Wisconsin cheddar on thick sourdough. Make it more grown-up: add tomato and basil.

PBJ. (V)
Strawberry jam and peanut butter on
thick sourdough.


Big Salad.
Spinach tossed with tomato, walnuts, fire-roasted red and green peppers, caramelized onions, goat cheese, basil and crushed black pepper. Optional: add natural Wisconsin chicken breast.

Greek Salad.
Spinach tossed with tomato, black olives, sliced red onion, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, oregano and crushed black pepper. Optional: add natural Wisconsin chicken breast.

Choose a dressing: ranch, creamy ceasar or
olive oil and balsamic vinegar.